Our Generous Donors

Thank you to all our donors! Our work would be impossible without you.

A special recognition goes to the following institutional and individual donors:

Institutional Donors:

  • The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation (Ira Wallach Fund for the Eradication of Genocide)
  • The Simons Foundation
  • Cynda Collins Arsenault and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado
  • The A & A Fund and the Hixon Family
  • Vajra Kilgour and the Eleanor M. Kilgour Living Trust
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • Sheri Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Individual Donors:

  • Nan and Michael Frydland
  • Hope Hanafin
  • Carolyn O’Brien
  • Peggy Chane
  • Danielle Katz
  • Wendy Brawer and Ray Sage
  • Beverly and Bill Haulmark
  • Anne Quick
  • Constance Newton
  • Annalise Acorn
  • Cynthia Zhang
  • Lois Whitman
  • Robert Thomas
  • Christel Ibsen and Robert Loverd