Our Generous Funders

Thank you to all our supporters! Our work would be impossible without you.

A special recognition goes to the following institutional and individual donors:

Institutional Donors:

  • The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation (Ira Wallach Fund for the Eradication of Genocide)
  • The Simons Foundation
  • Cynda Collins Arsenault and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado
  • The A & A Fund and the Hixon Family
  • Vajra Kilgour and the Eleanor M. Kilgour Living Trust
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • Sheri Rosenberg Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Individual Donors:

  • Nan and Michael Frydland
  • Hope Hanafin
  • Carolyn O’Brien
  • Karin Perro
  • Anne Quirk
  • Peggy Chane
  • Danielle Katz
  • Wendy Brawer and Ray Sage
  • Beverly and Bill Haulmark
  • Constance Newton
  • Annalise Acorn
  • Cynthia Zhang
  • Lois Whitman
  • Robert Thomas
  • Christel Ibsen and Robert Loverd
  • Olive Osborne-Silver
  • James Mindling

The Ira Wallach Fund for the Eradication of Genocide

On January 17, 2008, Global Action to Prevent War held an event in commemoration of the life of Ira D. Wallach, a longtime advocate for peace through global governance. The late Ira Wallach was a longstanding champion of efforts and activities to promote a strong, just system of global governance. In his name, a fund from the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Foundation was established to fund regionally-centered projects on the “eradication” of genocide from this planet. Supported by the Miriam and Ira Wallach Foundation, this fund provides a wide range of programmatic and capacity support for affiliated centers in diverse global regions committed to the protection of civilians facing mass atrocity violence.

One of the reasons why GAPW pushed to establish (and to grow) the Wallach Fund for the Eradication of Genocide is out of the recognition of the need to provide capacity assistance including on-site support to help ensure the attentiveness and effectiveness of our global south partners. We cannot reasonably ask these organizations to work along side us on UNEPS, SCR 1325, the elimination of illicit conventional weapons or any other program unless we are willing to invest more of our time, resources and talent to help ensure that partners have what they need to operate more effectively and sustainably. Further it is important to undertake field analysis and ‘vet’ UNEPS and other peace and security proposals in the Global South to ensure their viability and credibility.

Click here for flyer of the Wallach Fund Launch.