Better Policy Requires Better People


In recent months, Global Action has been engaged with a number of organizations and movements seeking to blend policy and personal growth, including “Reaction to Response,” a project of the International’s Women and Girls Sector of Charter for Compassion.  Among its other merits, we have been inspired by the insistence of a growing number of people and projects that achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is more likely “when every man, woman and child treats others as they wish to be treated–with dignity, equity and respect.”

This is the sort of linkage that we seek to explore in a variety of contexts:  between visionary policy on the one hand and people of character and purpose on the other.  Policy, we have learned over many years, can inspire commitment and compassion, but is not a substitute for them.  If we are to fulfill the lofty promises of the SDGs and end the violence and warfare that have undermined so much human development in our collective past, we will need many more hands on deck connected to hearts and minds committed to a disciplined caregiving that says  “yes” to others and, when necessary, “no” to ourselves.

This past September, we were featured in a “Reaction to Response” podcast and “after party” hosted by Lisa Berkley who is well-known in Global Action circles.   Among other things, the podcast covered issues related to the role of dignity in peace and security discourse, renewing efforts to promote equity and respect among women and girls, and how to shift at least part of the security conversation away from weapons and armies towards inclusive, disciplined, compassion-based community development.

For access to the main Podcast, click here.   For access to the “After Party” Podcast, click here.