Connecting UN Issues and Thought Leaders Through Global Connections Television


Global Action has been pleased to be interviwed by Global Connections Television’s host Bill Miller on more than one occasion.  While our conversations have largely focused on security and disarmament concerns — as our organizational name would suggest — Bill has encouraged us to weigh in on related issues such as gender-based violence and the protection of civilians by UN peacekeeping forces.

Bill’s audience, now numbering in the millions, is attracted by the range of progressive issues which he investigates and promotes, but even more by the quality and prominence of his guests. A review of the GCTV website reveals an extraordinary array of senior UN officials, heads of member state governments, NGO leaders, business executives, and community leaders — all of whom help to make the UN what it is and also help it to become what it is yet not.

We are honored to be able to make our own contribution to GCTV and its splendid roster of diplomats and issue experts making a difference in the world, and more specifically making a difference through the United Nations. We hope to do more with Bill and his network in the coming years.

For access to Dr. Zuber’s November interview with Bill Miller, click here.