Exploring New Trends in Peacekeeping and Atrocity Prevention with BGIA

bgia-atrocity-preventionAs part of our ongoing collaboration with the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program, GAPW recently organized a discussion forum for BGIA students and alumni. The event focused on issues raised in our new publication from Springer, “Perspectives on Peacekeeping and Atrocity Prevention: Expanding Stakeholders and Regional Arrangements,” featuring an introduction by UN Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng.

The BGIA discussion was highlighted by presentations from Dr. Trudy Fraser and Melina Lito, Esq., both of whom contributed fine articles to the Springer collection.   Dr. Fraser, who also served as principle editor, gave an overview of recent controversial shifts in coercive mandates for UN peacekeepers, while Ms. Lito focused on the critically significant matter of increasing accountability for abuses committed by peacekeepers and other UN personnel.

We have other launch plans for this book in 2016, including in Brazil and the UK, but we were especially pleased to hold this initial discussion at BGIA.  Under the direction of James Ketterer and Rachel Meyer, BGIA has created an innovative learning experience that is attracting attention worldwide.   Internships are an integral part of the BGIA experience and we have been fortunate to have had three BGIA interns over the past year.   Our expectation is that we will be able to welcome many more.

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