Ensuring Appropriate Security in the Forthcoming Global Development Agenda


GAPW was pleased to collaborate with Instituto Mora in Mexico City and a number of regional and international experts to produce a volume that seeks to examine and assess how security arrangements at national and international levels impact prospects for sustainable development.

This volume offers a variety of perspectives and regional analyses on the many links ­between security and development, with texts by UN policy professionals, academics, and implementation specialists who have contributed ideas on how to create more peaceful, inclusive societies in support of the robust, post-2015 sustainable development framework soon to be adopted at the United Nations.

Around the world, ­illicit and trafficked weapons are jeopardizing community and national development, and perhaps nowhere more so than in Mexico and Central America. Despite improvements in government transparency and respect for human rights, new regional security and judicial arrangements, and hightened attention to security issues at the UN at a time when post-2015 goals are ­soon to be adopted, weapons and related security challenges — including trafficking in narcotics and the persistence of “femicide” — continue to undermine hope for development in the Central American region.

Sustainable Development Goals Post-2015: Ensuring a Security Development Linkage in the Forthcoming Global Agenda, addresses a number of fundamental questions: How should security be pursued in the post-2015 ­agenda? To what extent do UN member states understand their responsibilities with respect to Goal 16, the so-called “peace goal?”  What is missing from current discussions regarding what we see as an essential security -development nexus?

We are currently working on book launch events for fall 2015 in New York and Mexico City.  We also plan to take the book and its analyses to El Salvador which is enduring a particularly painful period of gang and street-level violence that threatens to completely undermine development progress and prospects in that country.

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