A Compelling Voice for the Prevention of Genocide Has Gone Silent

sheriMany of us in the Global Action family were deeply saddened by the loss on Friday, May 22 of Professor Sheri Rosenberg.  Sheri taught for many years at the Cardozo School of Law and was a mainstay in efforts around the United Nations to address threats of mass atrocities. She was also much revered by students in her Human Rights and Genocide Law Clinic, some of whom were fortunate to accompany her on trips to Rwanda and other areas impacted by mass violence.

Like many in our line of work, Sheri shared her gifts with others beyond the public glare.   Among those gifts were financial contributions she made to our office allowing us to bring interns and fellows to New York to participate in genocide prevention (and related) discussions and activities.

She was also a devoted mother to her children and worried often about how her evolving sickness would impact them.

Sheri opened the resources and facilities of Cardozo to scholars and practitioners alike. She had many collaborators, including GAPW, having allowed us to cooperate with her in publishing “Healing the Wounds: Speech, Identity and Reconciliation in Rwanda and Beyond.”

Sheri deeply wished to cultivate a strong and identifiable voice to influence the structures and norms needed to effectively prevent genocide and other mass atrocities — to make a better world for her own children and, indeed, for children everywhere.

Mission accomplished, dear Sheri.

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