A Shock for the Ages


The news from Nepal this weekend could hardly be more dire.   As aftershocks continue to buffer the regions around Katmandu, the remaining fine lines separating survival and death disappear for many.

For Global Action, there are many reasons to pause and mourn, including friends working in Nepal’s disarmament, development, health and religious sectors.   We have experienced large earthquakes elsewhere.   There is simply no way to prepare for devastation that seemingly comes out of nowhere and undermines what little remains of our confidence in a predictable world.

But even more, one of our board members and most trusted advisors, Christina Madden just returned from an extended visit to Nepal. Christina, who serves as Executive Director of Himalayan Health Care, had just concluded a long trek with medical personnel and others committed to the health and economic well-being of Nepal’s many underserved rural communities.   Her tales of hope from those places were compelling and inspiring.

Even before the full benefit of her experiences had sunk in, this shock for the ages.

Global Action will do what we can to support Himalayan Health Care in its efforts to leverage medical care and economic opportunity.  The needs now are on a scale that could never have been imagined just a few short days ago.

For more information on Himalayan Health Care, click here.