Linking Security and Development in the Post-2015 Agenda

webinar-600 On March 12, 2015 GAPW was joined by Ms. Maritza Chan of the Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the United Nations and students and faculty of Instituto Mora in Mexico,DF for a webinar that explored the ways in which insecurity from illicit weapons, narcotics trafficking and an under-developed security sector threatens the full implementation of development priorities.

The webinar was the first in a series of events to promote “Linking Security and Development in the post-2015 Agenda,” soon to be released by Instituto Mora.  The book owes its existence to the steady guidance provided by Mora’s Dr. Lucatello Simone. With its blending of Latin American and outside authors, the book attempts to link policy communities committed to peacemaking on the one hand and those who will lead the implementation of post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the other.

Among the book’s recommendations is the call for more policy attention on the preventive dimensions of the SDGs, including the prevention of pandemics such as Ebola, the restriction of flows on illicit weapons before they find their way into the hands of non-state actors or rogue elements, and preserving inclusive access to precious national resources before such resources become a pretext for violence. In these and other instances, more prevention and less reaction from policymakers to the many problems that inhibit development objectives would, the authors believe, be time well spent.

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