Examining the Diverse Roles of Media in Violent Conflict: INFOCORE

infocoreGlobal Action was pleased to join the dissemination team for a European Union funded project to examine “the different media roles in the cycle of conflict and peace building.”

While our own role in “Informing Conflict Prevention, Response and Resolution” ( INFOCORE) is modest, the project will provide important insights on how media outlets can exacerbate inclinations to violent conflict as well as assist in conflict prevention or in the reconciliation of former combatants and communities once conflict has ceased.  Given our broad access to UN agencies and diplomatic missions working on a wide range of conflict-related issues, as well as our own media-related efforts at UN headquarters, we believe that we are in a particularly good position to ensure that INFOCORE media-related recommendations will find their way into policy discussions addressing many forms of violence from local discrimination against migrants to the most horrific mass atrocities committed against entire populations.

In one form or other, media outlets cover these and many more instances of violence and abuse, sometimes in constructive ways, other times not.   Sorting out the norms and protocols for a more constructive role for media in violence prevention and reconciliation through comparative research and analysis is the welcome and highly-relevant objective of INFOCORE.

For more information on INFOCORE, please click here.

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